Start your new position on the right foot!

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. One must learn the role and responsibilities, expectations, corporate culture, and all the while integrating quickly into a new team environment. How do you get things started off on the right foot?

We’ve compiled a short list of items to make the process as simple as possible. Keep these in mind as you begin your new role.

1. Meet People. Introduce yourself to as many co-workers and leaders as you can. Get to know the individuals with which you are going to be spending the majority of your time. First impressions are imperative when you are the new person on the block. Don’t wait for co-workers and other employees to come to you – take the initiative! Like anything, introducing yourself gets easier the more you do it. Set a goal to meet as many new people as you can each day.

2. Find a Mentor. Every employee at the company was a new hire at one point in time. To piggyback off of #1, make it a priority to befriend people who can help you learn the ropes quicker. This will help you understand the small logistical stuff, and even give you a crash course in complex office politics (yes, politics exist everywhere). Having this guidance will accelerate the learning process tremendously. One note of caution – be careful to choose the right individuals by assessing how they are perceived by their peers and leaders. The more favorable the impression the better the advice.

3. Work Hard! This may seem simple, and it really is! Hard work gets noticed far easier than going through the motions. Set your standards for work high, and do not waver. This may require you to come in early and/or knock out emails the night before so that you can hit the ground running when you come to work. Let your employers and coworkers know (with action!) that they can count on you to work hard delivering good quality work.

4. Communicate Proactively. Make sure your supervisor and leaders know what you are working on, and where you stand on deliverables. Your supervisors and co-workers will come to value your consistency and level of detail. This will contribute to making a positive overall impression. In the beginning, it is advisable to even over-communicate. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask your supervisors for constructive feedback on the amount/frequency of your communication. Then simply adjust accordingly.

Keep these helpful tips in mind as you step into your new role.

What has helped you when starting a new position? Please share!