ZeroChaos Proven Performer Award

Based on our “performance excellence” at all ZeroChaos programs in which we participate, we are pleased to announce that Latitude 36 has been named a ZeroChaos Premier Partner! This is a huge honor and we are excited to be a part of this exclusive group!


“ZeroChaos, a global contingent workforce solutions company, today formalized its Performance Excellence Program, an expansion on the industry leader’s long-standing commitment to suppliers. The enhanced program is designed to create a community of trusted high-performing partners; foster communications and collaboration between ZeroChaos and suppliers; provide insights, additional content, benchmarking and exposure opportunities for suppliers; and recognize suppliers who perform at superior levels as ZeroChaos Proven Performers.


The ZeroChaos Proven Performers designation identifies top performing suppliers, all of which have been evaluated based on participation analytics, cycle times, talent quality, program compliance and service provided within the U.S. Proven Performers will be announced annually and the program will be expanding to include ZeroChaos programs globally.”


We feel honored to have some of the most talented staffing industry minds as Latitude 36 employees, to work with some of the best and brightest consultants in the industry and to have the support and trust of our esteemed clients. Without these partnerships, there would be no success to share.  We are grateful for the continued support and trust of everyone who plays a part in Latitude 36’s continued success!ZeroChaos_proven_performer_logo_large (002)