A Day in the Life: Erin Crosson, Account Manager

Account Manager, Erin Crosson, recently took a moment to talk to us about her daily routine here at Latitude 36. Our account managers here work with a variety of our different clients, and therefore have a variety of different tasks! Erin’s active lifestyle spills over into her work habits, which is how she does such a great job!


How long have you been working at Latitude 36?

3+ years (since Oct ’12)


How did you make your way in to the IT staffing world?

When I landed in Nashville 3 years ago, I was lucky enough to get a job at Latitude 36.


What time does your alarm clock go off?

5:30 or 6:15 AM


Do you have a morning routine?

On my earlier days, I go to the Y for a morning workout. I’ll have an outfit laid out the night before, sneakers, headphones, everything. I even have a small notebook full of workouts so I can jump right in when I get there. I guess you could say my morning starts the night before. I like to sleep, so no time is wasted. One hour is my max so I can get home, shower, and run out the door. On my later days, I’ll get up and walk my dog a couple miles around my neighborhood then feed her and get ready for the day.


What do your daily tasks/goals usually look like?

The day is usually a mix of some planned things and some not so planned things. I always have scheduled appointments on my calendar, like check-ins or follow ups with both clients and our team here. The unexpected items always make round out the day making it busy and exciting as well.


How do you stay organized?

Calendar reminders and folders in my inbox. The reminders keep me on top of follow ups, etc. and my inbox is basically my to-do list. I also couldn’t live without my Erin planner. I love using a planner and seeing a fresh new page each week, or putting something in there that I am looking forward to!


What is your favorite part of the day?

Mornings are the best. I always check to see what is scheduled for that day. It helps me to prepare mentally and for what’s to come. If I happen to go home for lunch, which is rare, seeing my pup in the middle of the day takes the cake.


What do you normally do on your lunch break?

I try to do something active, so if it’s nice out I love to walk outside, usually with other AM, Courtney.


What are the top three skills needed for your role?

Organization, communication, and time management


How do you stay motivated?

I love putting to-do items, ideas, and thoughts down on paper. Crossing things off your list is a good way to keep going and gives you’re a sense of accomplishment.


What is your favorite thing about working as an Account Manager with Latitude 36?

I really enjoy working with different types of clients in all different industries. It’s cool to see how companies can be so different and have the same needs. Latitude 36 has perfected the way the whole company can work together to deliver, and I love that everyone is able to celebrate that success.