A Day in the Life: Landon Bailey, Technical Recruiter

We caught up with Landon Bailey, one of our Technical Recruiters, to learn more about his daily routine. Landon is great at building relationships with our candidates, and we can understand why because of the fun-loving and vibrant personality he brings to our Franklin, TN office. Continue reading to learn more about his recruiting process and daily routine!

How long have you been working at Latitude 36? 3 years as of February.

How did you make your way in to the IT staffing world? I actually worked in sales for a while with a formal wear company as an East Region Sales Manager and moved from Knoxville, TN here to Franklin in 2011. I was covering over 17 states and doing a ton of traveling, and I needed something that was more firmly planted due to the fact that I was newly married and my wife was expecting. My wife mentioned to me that Scott, a friend she grew up with, was looking for a recruiter at the company he worked for, Latitude 36. I applied and have been here ever since.

What do your daily tasks usually look like? A typical day for me consists of client follow up calls regarding a candidate currently in the interview process, recruiting calls to identify a passive candidate for a specific job, covering all recruiting boards for candidates passive or non-passive, establishing relationships with candidates who are looking for new opportunities, and also staying consistent and focusing on the job at hand.

How do you stay organized? I keep track of candidates that I’ve discussed opportunities with or submitted to positions in a log and place into our applicant tracking system for future opportunities.

What do you normally do on your lunch break? I typically will go home and make a sandwich or sometimes I’ll go out and grab something, just depends on what mood I’m in.

What are the top three skills needed for your role? Personality, concentration and productivity.

How do you stay motivated? Getting placements, and staying hungry and focused on the job at hand.

What is your favorite thing about working as a Technical Recruiter with Latitude 36? Establishing relationships with each and every person I talk to, whether or not I get them a position. The person may not have the chance for a position you’re working on at the time, but in the future they might. Always stay consistent.