How to Attract the Best Talent

Our job in the staffing industry is to find the best candidates and place them with our clients. Neal Farling, Sr. Technical Recruiter at Latitude 36, gives us tips on how to find and retain the best talent.


Make sure your job boards are updated

To successfully fulfill the client’s needs, you must set up a good front from the beginning. In order to have the right candidates apply for your position, you want your job postings to be accurate. It helps if they are to the point, professional, and show exactly what experience/qualities are needed. Candidates are more likely to submit their resume if postings are easy to read and easy to apply for.

Effective communication

Communication is very important when searching for the perfect candidate. Make sure to reach out to new candidates in a timely manner and give them all the details they need about the position. Providing good communication and informative conversations will ensure the candidate knows exactly what they are applying for.

Take advantage of social media

As a recruiter, social media is your friend. Be sure to share all of your job postings on LinkedIn, Twitter Facebook, etc. The more people that are able to see the job posting, the better. Using social media outlets can help stretch your candidate pool.

Treat people the way you want to be treated

This is what will separate you from other recruiters. Think of it this way: the only reason recruiters have a job is because of candidates, so why wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward? Be sure to have a positive attitude and work hard to keep your candidates informed and interested throughout the entire process. Candidates will appreciate your dedication, and will remember your company even if they don’t get the job.