Latitude 36 awarded vendor contract with The Commonwealth of Kentucky

Latitude 36 awarded vendor contract with The Commonwealth of Kentucky

After many months of evaluation, The Commonwealth of Kentucky (Commonwealth) has awarded Latitude 36 a contract as a primary vendor to provide information technology staffing services for The Commonwealth’s Enterprise IT Systems Development Services Program. This program is an important one for The Commonwealth, and enables all State of Kentucky agencies to utilize it in fulfillment of contract IT positions.

Latitude 36 received the official contract award on May 19, 2017. This is the first time a new vendor has been added to this specific contract award (as a prime vendor) since 2010. On Friday May 19, 2017, Latitude 36 President and Chief Operating Officer made a statement about this contract award:

“This contract award for The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s supplemental IT staffing program is exciting news for Latitude 36. The Commonwealth’s stated vision for this program is to be a “National Leader in Public (sector) IT services”. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to be even a small part in helping make that a reality. After seven years, the Commonwealth’s decision to add two more vendors signifies the commitment to increased competition, and we believe all of the State of Kentucky’s agencies will benefit as a result. Rest assured Latitude 36 is looking forward to making an immediate positive impact on this program. Our team is ready and we cannot wait to get started.”

Existing Commonwealth of Kentucky Contractors:
Know your options! Beginning May 19, 2017, all existing contractors under this contract will have an opportunity to change vendor representation at the Commonwealth. Latitude 36 is now your newest vendor choice. We know a happy contractor is a successful contractor. You may be content with your current vendor representation at the Commonwealth, but the financial cost for not knowing what’s available to you could be quite high. There is a good possibility you are leaving some $$ and benefits on the table. Please contact Jason Pyle at 615-468-0188 EXT. 2507 or Keegan Banks at 615-468-0188 EXT. 2509 and let us show you what we can do for you!

Latitude 36 has now rebranded to Harvey Nash. To read more about this exciting chapter and to find out more about how to find tech talent, view latest news and learn more about our services, visit: