Success Is Not For Everyone

Many people say, “I want to be successful!”  The question is whether you are ready to make the sacrifices necessary to do so.  Success means something different to everyone.  Regardless, in all forms, success lies at the intersection of opportunity, capability, and judgment.

Remember the classmate that took challenge courses in high school, had a 4.26 GPA, and college credits before they even graduated (and a full scholarship to boot!)?  What about the star athlete with all the talent in the world?  You could argue that both of these scenarios involve individuals with opportunity or capability or both.  As to whether or not they were successful long term – the answer probably hinges on the last component in the success equation.

In most instances making great choices is the difference between average and excellence.  The reason is simple – good judgment and discipline are scarce commodities.  Temptation is everywhere.

Let’s say for example you have a huge final on Friday.  Do you forego the Tuesday and Wednesday happy hours with friends in favor of a couple of study sessions?  Or perhaps you have a huge week of meetings scheduled next week.  Do you spend Friday afternoon coasting to the end of the work day, or do you plan out each meeting and prepare?  If you have a big game coming up Saturday evening do you watch cartoons all morning or head outside to swish 200 jump shots?

Success can be a lonely road (less traveled).  That doesn’t mean it’s a journey without support and satisfaction.  But you must be ready to make the sacrifices necessary to take advantage of your opportunity and capability.

That’s of course assuming you really do want to be successful.