Ways To Prepare for an Interview

So you’ve landed the interview, but what now? Interviews can be stressful, but good preparation can help take off some pressure. Here are a few ways to prepare you for the big day:

1. Research the company.
Take a look at their website and social media accounts to get insight on how they run their business, their accomplishments, and their goals and values. Employers will expect you to have done basic research on the company, so the more time you spend preparing the better. If you walk into the interview with no idea what the company does, you will come off as unprepared and uninterested in the position.

2. Find potential questions the interviewer might ask.
If you feel uncomfortable with any questions, write them down and put some thought into it. If you need to, write out your answers and reread them a few times. Think about your strengths and weaknesses, your future goals, and how you can be an asset to the company. Being able to answer questions confidently will impress your interviewer and prove you are serious about the job.

3. Find questions of your own to ask during the interview.
If the employer asks you if you have any questions for them, make sure you think of a few. This will show them you are engaged in the conversation and have taken time to think about the position. Some good questions to ask are “What is the environment of your company?,” “Is there room for growth?,” and “What are the future plans for your company?” Asking any questions you might have will benefit you as well.

4. Grab a friend and have a mock interview.
Sit a peer down with a list of questions for them to ask and act like it is the day of. This gives you a chance to get out any nerves you might have. If taken seriously, the mock interview can boost your confidence! Try focusing on eye contact, body language, and a good volume. Your friend can also tell you areas they think you need to work on.

5. Take time to perfect your look.
First impressions are extremely important. You want to look your best so you can feel your best. Take time to properly groom yourself and choose an outfit that is clean, modest, and simple. Focus on your posture during the interview and don’t slouch over the table, cross your arms, etc. Bad body language can make you seem uninterested or lazy.