Why Latitude 36?


Why do clients choose Latitude 36?

Predictive IT Staffing℠.

Our revolutionary approach to IT staffing uses business intelligence to improve fit accuracy and reduce turnaround time by forecasting your staffing needs and proactively meeting them, every time. Learn more about Predictive Staffing℠


Because we operate in markets nationwide, you can leverage our expansive network to find a precision fit, fast, anywhere in the U.S.

One Point of Contact.

Work with a single, consistent point of contact who knows your business, knows what you need, and knows how to best customize our services to meet your staffing demands. We’ll hand-pick one of our senior-level staffing experts to service your business exclusively, giving you 24/7 availability and short-notice onsite options. We mean it when we say your Account Manager is there for you.

Top-Notch Consultants.

We take the time to build long-term relationships with some of the most satisfied, dependable, productive and dedicated professionals in the industry. That means our clients always have access to a ready pool of proven, vetted experts who are committed to working exclusively with Latitude 36. In fact, we like them so much that greater than 70% of our consultants are Latitude 36 W2’s.

Focus on Retention.

Because our contractors are in high demand, we work hard to earn their loyalty and retain them as a part of Latitude 36. Our dedicated Consultant Service Representatives are on call to resolve issues quickly, and our team of Staffing Service Facilitators are always available to help candidates navigate interviews and placements. We’re committed to giving our contractors personal service they can’t get anywhere else. That not only keeps them on the job; it keeps them coming back again and again.

Respect for your time and budget.

Latitude 36 has a more thorough vetting and submitting process than any other firm, eliminating guesswork on the part of our clients to deliver higher quality resources, faster, with reduced backout. We also offer proprietary administrative tools that help our clients compare candidates in a clear, streamlined way– so you can focus on the person, not the paperwork.

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